Is the following an accurate depiction of you at bedtime?

Not to worry, there’s a good app for everything if you look hard enough …even sleep.

One of our absolute faves is award-winning Calm.

Boasting over a hundred guided meditations designed expressly to help users manage stress and anxiety, the app also has an amazing effect on sleep, including a host of bedtime stories for all ages, read in soothing tones by well-known voices with a view to promoting relaxation and deep sleep.

We guarantee that there’s a story with your name on it. 😉

Anther app worth exploring in the quest for more/deeper sleep is Buddhify.

Not only is it also packed with a wonderfully large collection of meditation programs, but the creators have made it a mission to adapt mindfulness and meditation into busy modern lifestyles, enabling users to embrace the flexible on-the-go designed programs at any time, wherever they are.

It’s also a one-time payment plan, which reduces stress even more, as users don’t need worry about monthly commitments.

Finally, a third app that might strike a sleep chord is Headspace. 

The library for themed sessions is impressive as well, with a stress on sleep-focused programming.

And it too offers bite-sized guided meditations for hectic scheds and even, get this, SOS exercise plans for those unexpected why-am-I-not-living-in-Bali-and-teaching-yoga moments!

Good sleep is a download away, Social Gals and Gents …

By Jenn Campbell

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