You may not be an NBC Today Show junkie like me (best morning show evah!) but that doesn’t mean you haven’t heard of renowned nutritionist and bona fide foodie, JOY BAUER. 

The petite powerhouse with a profound knowledge about food and its impact on the human body has made it her life’s work to educate thousands (correction: millions) about proper nutrition via myriad media platforms you may have enjoyed, as well as direct consultations and treatment (Her “before and afters” on the Today Show are a never-ending source of inspiration and enlightenment!)

While, to date, the gifted guru has penned several bestselling and popular tomes including THE JOY FIT CLUB, and FROM JUNK FOOD TO JOY FOOD, her latest is closest to my heart with its spot-on focus on one of the most important, oft uncelebrated, aspects of food: its healing potential.

Titled JOY’S SIMPLE FOOD REMEDIES, the easy-to-follow read reveals the extraordinary healing power of food to help fight over 20 everyday ailments like the common cold, tummy bloat, anxiety, stress, and more.



Moreover, the recipes she incorporates are truly delicious and make capitalizing on the healing potential of food that much easier.

Happy reading, healing and eating, SOCIAL GALS & GENTS! 




By Jenn Campbell

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