Labour Day weekend is around the corner and you’ve likely got some good plans happening, be it an event or wedding like I do, or a jaunt somewhere sexy for a last summer hoorah before fall’s more serious pace takes hold.

You’re also planning (as most do, frustrated sigh) to resign yourself to gaining a couple, given that wine and sweets, and other naughty carbs, are likely to be figuring prominently into the last- hoorah spirit.

Well, don’t … resign in that direction!

The truth is we can all rock some indulgences (and should, especially on holidays) so long as we do it in smart fashion, and respect what we in Diary World have become fond of calling the FAB FIVE.

And because  the love is big dolls, they’re now yours for the embracing too. Enjoy the right way:

1. WATER UP. Science proves that a few glasses of H20, both before sitting down to a celebratory fest, and throughout it, will likely cut consumption of overall calories because a) you’ll feel fuller and b) will be more mindful of what you’re consuming. All good!

2. BE MINDFUL: Speaking of the all-mighty M, do be sure to let it guide the way. Mindfulness of what you’re putting into your body – really focusing on intake – also plays an essential role in not overdoing things (translation: pigging out) while allowing you to really enjoy and savour the tastes, textures and flavours of the fine fare before you.

3, HALF UP & SHARE: Mentally envisioning a supersized piece of that to-die-for home-made salted caramel cake? Great. Now cut yourself a piece half that size. Now, share that baby with a willing someone (who also wants to leave the weekend satiated, not inflated) and enjoy.  Trust us, you’ll have all the pleasure minus the bloat and cals.

4. DO THE CHEW! Science again gets it right; the more you chew each morsel (think 20-ish chews), the less likely you are to overdo it and feel fuller faster. Yeah, the getting into this rhythm is a bit annoying, but once you make it a habit, second nature it becomes and results propel you forward. 😉

5. HEALTHY IS HOT TOO. Sometimes we load up on the naughty foods … just because they’re more forbidden and consequently forget how delish and addictive their healthy counterparts can be. What am I trying to say? Roasted cauliflower with turmeric and garlic can be just as decadent as fries, so why not fill the plate with more of them? Same deal with juicy summer fruit like watermelon. Give the good guys a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

So there you have em, Social Gals and Gents. Indulge and have fun, but let the five keep the size! 😉 

By Jenn Campbell

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