It’s 2018 Social Gals and Gents and we’ve been hearing about the menacing source of health issues like pains, aches, viruses, indigestion and more for a long time: Yes, that damning duo of acidity and inflammation, the former inducing the latter.

And sadly, much of the acidity interfering with our achievement of optimal alkaline states (the best way for bodies to roll minus inflammation and fight aging!) is directly attributable to the consumption of so many highly acidic foods in our Western diets; top culprits like alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, sugars, refined flours, pasteurized dairy, and animal protein. (Stress is a mega bad player here too).

The good news? While vastly reducing the amount of these naughties is essential to knocking the wind out of inflammation (and in turn, much dis-ease in the body), there are also a slew of superfoods that work to reverse the effects of their acidic “bad relations,” alternatively healing the body and supporting overall health.

The goal is at least 80 percent consumption of the HERO foods. Happy healing … 



We’ve talked up the Turmeric terrific before, for good reason(s)!  The South Asian rhizome has myriad anti-inflammatory qualities (fighting flus and more) and can easily be added to diets via teas, smoothies, seasonings and more. See our cauliflower recipe, better than fries, we swear.


Green Leafy Veggies

They not only look spectacular in your salads, but leafy greens including kale, all lettuces, bok choy et al brim, with alkalizing minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids. So watcha waiting for??? GO GREEN!





Not surprisingly, berries do berry good things for our bods, thanks, in large part, to lower sugar content and inflated amounts of  inflammation-reducing antioxidants. The darker hued options, like blueberries and raspberries, are especially powerful and oh-so-smoothie friendly.


Fish Oils

Omega-3 fatty acids have become nutrition stars in their on right and should definitely be incorporated into the diet. While the number one source for these babies are smaller fish of the wild variety (i.e., salmon, sardines and anchovies), supplements like fermented cod liver oil are effective too.



Nuts generally tend to be solid eats but king (and queen!) among them are walnuts; a rockstar source of protein, anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. Swap peanuts for walnuts and reap the rewards …

Bone Broth

Trending big lately in Hollywoodland is Bone Broth, with mega celebs like ageless gorgeous Halle Berry swearing by it, claiming BB as the true fountain of youth. She may be right. The easy mix is chock full of nutrients and alkalizing vitamins and minerals, instrumental to reducing inflammation and supporting joints, skin, and bones.


Coconut Oil

Finally, an old fave that doubles as one of the best moisturizes around, Coconut Oil, also infuses greatness into the temple with its mostly MCFA makeup; medium-chain fatty acids that digest easily and are not readily stored as fat. Also fab: Their antimicrobial and antifungal magical powers. Inflammation goes bye-bye, energy surges, immune systems go into overdrive and all is right with the world. 😉



So yeah dolls, it’s time to stock up on the healthy options and let nature’s best take hold … Enjoy. 
By Jenn Campbell

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