To say that we’re all on digital overload is a HUUUGEEEE understatement.

As a Type A Gen Xer (Gen X Jenn lol), I remember life before the digital influx/takeover; a profoundly calmer existence in our history for even the most driven among us (ahem) who, by virtue of the technology having not yet moved into 24-hour access/ constant stimulation territory, was forced, by sheer virtue of circumstance, to exhale, turn off and refuel at regular intervals.

(By that, I mean, relax at least a little, in cars, trains, etc, where we were yet to be connected at all times, thanks to the “wonders” of modern technology ( HMMM …)  like today’s all access networks, cell phones, iPads, laptops etc …

Fast forward to November 2018 – today’s lightning speed digital culture – and we no longer have the luxury of such “forced breaks.”

Instead, it’s all information, all access, all the time, and, as has been reported heavily in the context of myriad reliable sources, the fallout from this pretty amazing digital culture that, arguably, has engendered numerous advancements for humankind and created countless new and fabulous opportunities, is, you saw this coming, some big-ass extra stress and burnout!

While the digital revolution isn’t going away anytime soon (and given all the good it’s brought with it, shouldn’t), there’s no question that we, as very human humans, will have to find ways to counteract the resulting built-up stress and restore much-needed balance to our lives.

Thankfully, many experts are already on the case, tossing out all kinds of good ways to fight digital addiction and digital fatigue (yes, those are real 2018 terms), and we, on Diary health watch, will be making a conscientious point of sharing the most promising with you.

To that end, today, we espouse the benefits of what’s looking to be a pretty hot trend for 2019: SOUND THERAPY.

No, we don’t mean, buy tickets to your fave band, or musical performer, and head out, with the squad, to the next concert (though that is definitely a fun, stress-managing outing to pursue).

In this context, we’re talking about the more niche healing power of sound vibration and frequencies, experienced when we’re exposed to external frequencies like those you encounter at a spa, or during a yoga or meditation class, like gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, drums etc.

According to the experts, the recurring soothing tones and vibrations wash over us rythmically and start to resonate in the best way, offering a natural and healing release for both the mind and body.

In fact, the body often responds so well that pain is reduced, blood pressure diminishes, circulation improves, and focus and clarity are increased.

Also inspiring: Studies show that we all have the ability to benefit from the healing power of sound.


So Social Gals and Gents, get ready to love the gong, the drum, and other ritualistic sound therapies that just may have you exhaling longer and heaven forbid, putting aside the digital besties, in favour of some more natural past-times … 😉

By Jenn Campbell

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