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What if you could tote around a totally trending athleisure – worthy reusable water bottle that would not only, and oh so fabulously, contribute to a vast reduction in single-plastic consumption worldwide, but also be incredibly practical, magically keeping water cold for 24 hours, and hot for up to 12?

Well, you can, environmentally-conscience Social Gals and Gents, thanks to an ingenious brand called S’Well, launched just seven years ago by ambitious CEO Sarah Kauss, who itched to do something about the growing predicament surrounding the abuse of disposable bottles, while creating a practical bottle that would be, at once, fashionable and functional.

Available in a crazy covetable range of colours, designs and surfaces, there’s something for everyone. In fact, it’s  hard not to fall madly deeply for many of them, and scoop up a whole collection of your own! 😉

Not surprisingly, the brand is now a leader in its field, valued at 100 million, and winner of extreme praise, and many awards and accolades.

Workouts just got so much S’Weller. 


By Jenn Campbell

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