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If skincare, and the latest beauty breakthroughs are your thing (news-flash: if you’re reading this, they probably are), then the purifying, clarifying benefits of charcoal are old news. You’ve likely spent many a beautifying session, enjoying the pore strips, cleansers and other potions, well-fortified with that beauty weapon’s special brand of black magic.

But, there’s a new dark antidote on the skin scene, that’s giving charc a run for its detoxifying … and it comes, rather erupts, from a totally unexpected spot: volcanoes!

Yup, the freshest player on the beauty front is, get this Social Gals and Gents, VOLCANIC ASH!

Packed with reliable skin-saving sulphur, the ash not only werks like a charm on the absorption of oil, but also has its way with unclogging, acne, even redness.

It moisturizes too … The gift that keeps on giving!

For your own test-sesh, reach for our current volcanic ash-rich fave: THE SEAWEED BATH CO. PURIFYING DETOX FACIAL BAR (sure to do very good things for post-summer skin). 

Keep us posted. 😉 



By Jenn Campbell

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