With her first collection, KKW Beauty

There’s no question that KIM KARDASHIAN WEST, reality star / entrepreneur / wife of Kanye / momma of two adorable babes and counting (rumours speak of another surrogate babe on the way), continues to be a polarizing figure, many questioning what exactly it is she does, others criticizing her for pushing the envelope in myriad ways, be it risqué selfies deemed “too much” for a mom, or speaking out on behalf of her husband when scandal hits, as she did re: the Taylor Swift debacle.

Of course, KK has never been stranger to scandal, what with the sex tape way back when, that caused major hype and coo-coo across every platform, with its notorious release.

That said, I’m firmly (excuse pun) “team Kim.” Do I think she’s a gifted performer / musical talent like Beyonce? Nope. Or a cerebral academic scholar? Nope again.

But I do think that it takes a pretty savvy brain, great vision, creativity, keen instincts, and hard-core work ethic, and stick-with-it-ness to have achieved the levels she has in business, and to, yes, capitalize on her gifts.

Indeed, there are few on this planet, if any, who could have done for the posterior-rich posse what Kim has, bless her booty-loving, booty-proud soul.

And now, after taking on fashion with successful outposts of boutique DASH with her sisters, complete fashion lines, even crazy hawt namesake video games and lifestyle apps, she takes on the world of beauty with her new KKW BEAUTY line, designed specifically to share with her legions of fans, her long-honed secrets of contouring and highlighting.

Not surprisingly, several of the contouring packs are already sold out, a testimony to their glowing potential (excuse pun again).

Sadly, I haven’t tried them yet, but I have ordered my own set, and will be back to you superstars soon with a full debrief.

Meantime, for more on the line, go to, and tune into some of the riveting, procrastination-worthy videos. Even there, Kim’s unique ability to “Kaptivate,” is in full evidence.


By Jenn Campbell

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