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There are certain people on this planet that share so much love, talent, humour, authenticity, and good stuff, it makes you glad to be a part of this world. They act as a source of great inspiration, light, and comfort during trying times, and make the good times that much better. Sometimes, we don’t even know them, though we wish we did. One of those shining stars for me is Today show co-host SAVANNAH GUTHRIE. From the moment she made her debut on NBC, I was smitten, mega Girl Crush territory. The gifted journalist and lawyer not only delivers the news of the day and commentary with razor sharp intelligence and signature elegance, but manages to make the audience smile and laugh during the lifestyle bits, often because of her utter realness, accessibility, and natural ability to make fun of herself. She was, and is, the really cool, fun, down-to-earth, loving friend and sister we would all love to have. And with that, I proudly share this letter she penned to her daughter Vale, currently posted on the Today show website (see link below). It pretty much sums up a lot of things on the body and life fronts, and is yet another reason my Savannah Girl Crush continues! Enjoy:    


My dearest Vale,

I’m writing this letter to you because we are doing a series called, “Love Your Body” week. I will confess just to you: That is something I have never been very good at doing. But I’m hoping I can teach you to be different. I hope that as you grow up, I can teach you to love and embrace the miraculous physical vessel that is carrying your magnificent heart and soul.

You don’t know this yet, but our society is pretty obsessed with body image. Before too long (it’s inevitable) you’ll be bombarded with images of perfection almost nobody can attain. If you’re like me, and so many women, you’ll be tempted to judge yourself, to compare yourself, to berate yourself, to doubt yourself. I hope somehow I can equip you to withstand this assault on your confidence.

I want you to love your body, not because of how thin or tall or pretty you may grow up to be, but because it is truly a miracle. God made you; you are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” as the famous old scripture says.

It is only natural to care about our physical appearance, and I’m not idealistic enough to think I could prevent that. But when you think about your body, let’s think not about how it looks, but about all the things it can do. Let’s think about your strength and your endurance. Let’s be unendingly grateful for your good health and never take it for granted. Be kind to your body, respect it and treat it well — this is the only one you’ll be getting.

And just so you know — you are, in fact, quite beautiful. I love your crazy golden curls, your gigantic blue eyes, your sweet cheeks and that super-wattage smile that lights up the world. But what is most lovely about you radiates from your inside out: your joy, your brightness, your warmth and your irrepressible spirit. That is why I’m so very proud of you.




For more soul-replenishing, heart-glowing, real-deal shares from Savannah and many of her equally gifted and enlightened colleagues, go to the TODAY website: www.today.com.

By Jenn Campbell

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