Finding the right beauty and skincare regimen can often seem like an impossible dream, especially with so many factors at play, from genetics to humidity and more. Even the faux pillowcase can totally throw you off your skin game. Which makes nailing the right combination of products and lifestyle changes a pretty steep climb.

However, there are a few things you can do right now that are guaranteed to improve skin’s condition (TG!!), five to be exact, and we have them all.  😉

Ready to unveil a smoother, younger, more spectacular you? Keep reading … 



We’ve all been there, the curse of dry skin that can lead to tightness, wrinkles, and flaking, and, in some serious cases, cracking (fun!). One of the most effective ways to combat the flakes and cracks is hydration. Not only are the results immediate (oh yeah) but there’s the dual advantage of preventing future damage as well. A win win!

That said, there are several ways to hydrate, from daily moisturizers to oils to masks, all rendered even more effectual when used in a complementary regimen. In our post ‘Unmask a Fresher More Fabulous You’, we hone in on the benefits of face masks, highlighting one we suspect you won’t be able to live without, either. (Keep us posted, if you love it as much as we do, literally a fountain of fabulous!)

Finally, when upping the hydration game, don’t neglect the motto: Interiors matter. Nourishing the bod from within via a minimum of eight glasses a day will make for even more glowing and healthy skin.


Collagen is key

For the past few years, collagen has been marketed as a sort of miracle solution that magically leaves you looking fresh as a baby. How so?

According to the science, collagen makes a sizeable impression on both elasticity and hydration. Sadly though, like most things in life, when it seems too good to be true, it is. You see, despite the proven potential, collagen molecules are large and can’t penetrate the dermis super-effectively.

IRL, this means that topical collagen in lotions or creams may not always be the best sole solution for your skin. Collagen supplements to the rescue! A feature on how long collagen takes to work by Brightcore suggests it takes around four weeks of regular collagen supplementation to see visible effects.

The moral of this skin story – collagen topically and as a supplement is a supremely good idea.


Slough slough slough …

Ever notice that when we talk skincare, the  usual suspects like moisturizers and serums tend to hog the spotlight?

Well, we’re here to change up that old beauty song for good reason, because other equally deserving practises – like exfoliation – also go a long way in working wonders, helping you unveil a fresher, brighter J-Lo-esque glow to the world (and who doesn’t want that?!)

A post on the American Academy of Dermatology  underscores all this wonderful transformative potential, particularly when married to an effective skincare routine specifically designed for your skin type.

When done in moderation, exfoliation rapidly removes dullness culprits – aka dead skin cells, doing a solid for your circulation, revealing the softer, more even complexion we all love.

Important note here: Chemical exfoliants like BHA or AHA can be just as effective as their physical counterparts (ie, sponge scrubs) but do take care to always be gentle and not overdue it.


Go hands-free

This next skincare tip is pretty darned simple: keep the hands off the face!

Seeing that we use our hands for uh, EVERYTHING, and pick up a ton of skin-disrupting bacteria and dirt along the way ( Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban notes that touching your face can worsen acne and trigger breakouts), the best thing we can do, short of cuing ourselves to wash hands each and every time we’re about to touch the face (basically impossible!!) is abstain from doing so in the first place.

Easy peasy non?!

Love on the sunscreen

Finally, the absolute best last trick of the trade you can embrace to keep skin looking dewy and youthful well into the golden years is to … and you totally saw this coming … protect it! The best possible protection? Sunscreen. (You saw that coming too!)

Though it’s a fact that heading outside is incredibly rejuvenating on many levels,  including offering up those MD prescibed doses of Vitamin D, it’s also fact that damage from UV rays is pervasive and dangerous, with UV radiation causing dreaded premature aging and wrinkles, liver spots, and even, down the line – eye issues.

What’s a complexion loving Social Gal or Gent to do?

Listen closely to all-knowing Dermatologists interviewed by the Chicago Tribune who urge daily sunscreen use even on cloudy days when pesky rays can still bugger through and wreak havoc on your bod’s largest organ.

So even if the plan is a short walk or quick run, be sure to slather on the sunscreen to keep looking beautiful …


Ok, that does it for today my friends. Some solid good tips that actually work. Let us know what you think. Meantime: Keep shining bright and don’t dare be a  stranger! 


Photo credit: via Pixabay.com

By Jenn Campbell

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