In a world where the cycle is Go-Go-Go, and sleep is never at an optimum level for many of us (like really, WHO sleeps the recommended average of EIGHT hours a night unless you’re on a kids-free vacation … OR DEAD?!!), there is often fallout … IE: forgetting stuff along the way that’s crucial to the next meeting/activity.

Think arriving at the gym for your workout, and boom, no water bottle (a nightmare when you’re in super-spin and that next sip, in that moment, is more enticing than your fave forbidden gooey-gooey dessert).

Well, Social Gals and Gents,  not to worry because we have your back.

Today, it’s all about the GYM CHECKLIST. Keep it close, heck memorize it, so your next workout is all you deserve in a sea of way tooooo bizzzzyyy:



So, you’re not doing the workout shoeless (unless you’re in yoga mode). Accordingly, be sure to pack the fave sneaks suitable for the next workout.A good plan is to invest in a pair of multipurpose (and of course stylish) runners, adaptable to different types of fitness.


Similarly, rocking a workout in a suit is not an option. Make sure the reliable bag includes the best gymwear for the particular workout (more breathable loose attire for yoga, and tighter, sweat-friendly options for spin classes), as well as a good sports bra for the gals, and socks for everyone. (We love the trending grip variety.)


While hairbands seem to be a staple at most gyms these days, they are rarely the good thick, scungy-esque type that actually do the job.The antidote: packing a few that go the distance, so they’re handy and ready for your tresses when you are.

Snack stuff

You know that “hangry” hunger that can set in on the way to a workout? Yeah, that one. Keep it at bay by bringing along some healthy, energizing options. We love KIND Bars and VEGA Bars, the latter, perfect for the super-green vegans among us.

Water Bottle

Speaking of sustenance, don’t be the cliché we discussed in the intro and forget your water bottle! Make sure to recognize it for packing purposes by investing in a colourful, easy-to-spot model from the likes of SWELL.Not only will it morph into an adorable accessory but be easy to find.

Listening material

In an era where podcasts and music are conveniently located in ur digital besties (aka our smart phones), chances are you won’t be forgetting the workout entertainment.That said, the experience ain’t happening without headphones. Go for the gold with a good pair from the likes of Bose or Apple and make the exertion all the more enjoyable.


Again, the gym – or workout destination – will likely stock up on the basics, but they won’t have personal preferences like that replenishing dream cream, delish shave cream or round blow dry brush you can’t live without.If possible, invest in some travel versions of your faves and line the gym bag with them, so you’re never without.Hmmm … I think that does it for now.  Sweat big and with gusto, ORGANIZED Social Gals and Gents.

By Jenn Campbell

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