C’mon admit it Social Gals and Gents, even if you’re married, or partnered up in some capacity, you’re likely still cheating on the human partner (and families) with that sleek little device you tote around everywhere, otherwise known as your “smartphone” (though “cunningphone” would be far more apropos), spending countless precious you-can’t-get-back minutes (or let’s be real: hours) riveted, enthralled by the myriad social media platforms or other apps/ texting/email stimulation that you just can’t seem to get enough of.

That said, you know deep down, or not so deep down, that this scenario, however engrossing and exciting, ain’t healthy in the long run. And while the smart phone isn’t going anywhere and will likely assume a key place in our lives going forward, there does need to be some coping mechanisms put in place.

Enter the new trending wordplay: “DIGITAL BREAK “which, in all honesty, can take numerous forms, so long as the key central requirement is respected: turn off the phone, and place it far away!

One of our fave DBs on the trending travel front is called the LITERARY GETAWAY, and while calling for the requisite lockdown of the phone and other attention draining devices, encourages a return to simpler times, when reading actual books was a thing (a very pleasurable one).

These cool bibliophile-friendly escapes add to the tranquil experience with opportunities to meet and hang with authors, literary butlers, and other experiences designed to celebrate writing and writers in general.

THE WHERE? One of the best vetted destinations of this type that we’ve come across is Miami’s The Betsy Hotel South Beach.

Incredibly well located on legendary Ocean Drive, the art deco space is glamorous, luxurious and comfortable (kudos to the rooftop pool, stunning skyline views and fabulous rooms) but in keeping with today’s theme, the magnificent destination also offers an enviable cultural programme featuring a range of literary events, entrancing art and photography exhibits, as well as, drum roll please, a personal guest room library stocked with could it be ..books?!

So the next time you find yourself contemplating a digital break, why not go Betsy? She sounds like a helluva gal … 😉


 Photography SUPPLIED
By Jenn Campbell

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