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There are certain buzzwords and concepts out there that have slowly crept into the modern vernacular, really permeated it to the core, and often pop out of our mouths without our even thinking.

Like”wellness” and  “healing”, both often used in the same flow of thoughts, re: the likes of wellness centres, retreats and other spots and modes where one might head with a view to escaping the rigours of our everyday bizzzzyyyy stress-packed lives.

If we get really deep (which we won’t, not that kind of post lol), the words and concepts have resonated and become attached to live programs and destinations designed to embody their zeitgeist because, well, in this crazy world we inhabit, wellness and healing are no longer luxuries, they are necessity.

Which brings me to today’s share: a truly amazing service-based site aptly called Healing Hotels of the World, founded by visionary healer and lover of the role travel can play therein, Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, who made it a mission to offer clients a diverse set of destination options tailored to their healing and wellness needs.

Looking specifically to detox the bod and mind?

An entire well-curated section of the site is dedicated to sublime properties that do just that like GRAND HOTEL TERME and ANANDA in the Himalayans.

Looking to focus more on spirituality and inner work?

Consider PARROT CAY or GAIA RETREAT & SPA in Australia.

And the list goes on.

Whatever your needs in this niche, from healthy aging, to weight loss, to medical, to thermal, to overall destressing, Healing Hotels has your backs, and fronts, and minds, and hearts and more …

A veritable smorgasbord of well-tailored and curated options.

So for your next healing escape, perhaps a visit to the experts is in order …

See you there Social Gals and Gents. Ready  for takeoff NOW!  


By Jenn Campbell

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