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So here’s the thing, no matter how hard I / we try to “do and be it all” (and lord knows I / we try!), the takeaway is simple: one Social Gal or Gent CANNOT do it all ourselves! 

#TRUTH: Despite the Everest of things we take on and tackle daily (impressive as it is), we would literally have to mastermind cloning to do each task as as perfectly as we aspire to. As the truth-baring adages go: “teamwork does make the dream work,” and “Jack (or, in my case, Jenn) of all trades  = master of NONE!”

#SOLUTION: How then might we achieve the volume of things we aspire to, even in our leisure lives, on the premium level we seek?

The solution, my lovelies, is cliche and rather obvi but oh-so-effective: DELEGATE, WITH A CAPITAL D, preferably to those who are experts in their respective fields so that we, in turn, might 1) achieve the great results we seek in that particular arena and 2) maximize our precious time, thereby causing a spectacular phenomemon to occur: some much-needed exhalation and relaxation!

#TRAVELTAKEWAY: Speaking of which (exhalation and relaxation!), there is no better place to initiate the delegating than on the vacay-planning front. I say this from recent experience, wherein I bravely took on the coordination and planning of my life escape, thinking it was as easy as finding a package and booking.

Well, it  was, kinda, until there were an array of unanticipated complications both during travel and upon arrival (the not so fun details of which I’ll spare you) that added much unnecessary stress and annoyance to what should have been pure bliss and escapism.

And, though, for the most part, the trip was enjoyable and memorable, I realize now, it was rather unimaginative and mainstream too. In hindsight, there were so many ingenious and outta-the-box destinations and modes of travel I might have explored, and revelled in, had I, and here’s the big kaboom: delegated the experience to aficionados like those I’ve since fallen madly, deeply for on virtuoso.com!

WHY VIRTUOSO? Let me count the ways! This truly ingenious site has not only united the best luxury travel advisors worldwide (they have upwards of 15,000), with connections to the hottest destinations on the planet, but also forged exclusive Virtuoso relationships with close to 1700 preferred luxury travel partners (think leading hotels, cruises, tour operators and more).

THE EXHALE: Once you take the leap and sign with a Virtuoso travel superstar, you’re not only passing along a whole area of responsibility that, as noted, can get daunting and time-consuming, but ensuring a trip that exceeds expectations, taking travel & leisure to a whole other level of fabulous!

Heck, these masters will not only secure the best possible value for your sacred time and $$, curating the optimal escape experience, but thanks to insane connections, will also VIP like crazy (now a verb lol) with upgrades you’d never even imagined.

Yes, delegation is the way to go Social Gals and Gents even when the “plan” is vacation!  


By Jenn Campbell

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