With a web escape. Really

In this weekly Diary ESCAPES zone, there is admittedly some predictability, as we routinely embrace must-go travel spots.

There’s also a penchant for replenishing day spas, and yes, we have been known to sing the (many) praises of a quality soak, in the grand company of sweet-smelling candles, replenishing epsom salts, pleasing bubbles, and, of course, a good glass of wine.

Today, however, we take a walk on the wild side (ahem, our “wild”) with a focus on a little something you can do anytime during the day, planted in front of a screen, big or small: escape to donothingfor2minutes.com.

To all those who said you can’t find a little slice of zen during a crazy hectic day – that can also help refuel for the rest of the day’s challenges, never had the pleasure of this ingenious timeout.

THE EASE: While staring at the serene ocean vista, with the crashing waves serving as a soothing accompaniment, you’re lulled into complete relaxation for the full two minutes, forced to let go of the next deadline, phone call, kiddie pick up, and must do.

It’s just the waves, and your breath, as you surrender to the now.

BETTER & READY FOR MORE: Though a mere two-minutes, you’ll be amazed at the difference such a little well-coached, well-done timeout can make.

And who would have thought it could be sourced from the very devices we seek to escape? But the irony …

What  are you waiting for? TAKE YOUR TIMEOUT NOW, BY LINKING HERE.



By Jenn Campbell

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