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So Social Gals and Gents, we’ve entered a new dimension of travel, (actually a microcosm for that thing called life) where experiences have now taken centre stage.

No, that doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our taste for luxe and pamper, and labels (hello, we have standards!), but there is a yearning out there, both in travel, and permeating the very fabric of our lives, for authentic, real, gratifying, share /  memory-worthy experiences.   

Accordingly, many travel companies and experts are embracing, and responding to this need. One I’d like to highlight today is McCabe World travel. 

Comprised of a team of dedicated travel pros, the in-the-know gang is all about tailoring the travel experience to your specific vision, and will work closely, and tirelessly, with picky clients (like yours truly) to to ensure that the trip, be it a quick and easy replenishing getaway, or more exotic and involved jaunt, is everything envisioned, and then some. 

Even more fabulous: Their list of partners is insane! Think Four Seasons Preferred Partners, Viking River Cruises, The Ritz-Carlton, The Regent Seven Seas and more. 

President Anne Scully clearly has it going on, and will also whet your travel appetite with her own vivid tales of recent adventures to divine destinations, like the one I’m itching to escape to below: The crazy cool 5-star Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo, designed by revered architect, Tuy Otake.

An experiential traveller’s dream. 😉

By Jenn Campbell

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