When it comes to luxury travel, there is no greater indulgence and “way to fly” than in the beyond comfort of a private jet.

I mean, what could be bad?

Rising above the crowds and waits that normally go hand in hand with commercial travel (even at its apex), descending upon a private airport at your convenience equipped with a friendly team who immediately whisk you, and your luggage, straightaway onto a spacious, beautifully appointed jet boasting expert captain and crew, and then, cruising languidly at perfect altitudes toward your destination, with every possible flight need attended to, champagne flowing.

Nope. doesn’t get better than that, in the sky anyway.

And, as there are for every possible need and desire in this techtacular that is our 2017 reality, myriad apps have been born in this world too, to make the greatest travel option, even greater.

One that has caught the attention of many jet setters and is worth checking out both from a pragmatic stance if this type of travel’s in the budget (or an aspirational and / or vicarious one if it’s not, wink!) is: PrivateFly. 

With access to over 8,000 accredited jet charters around the globe, this application sensation is catnip for jet-setters, rendering booking virtually any destination of choice ridiculously easy … as easy as boarding … 😉

Photos and descriptions are stunning, access information right at your fingertips.

There’s even an opportunity for those not yet firmly ensconced in jet-set life (reality check!)  to hop aboard, thanks to jet owners who periodically offer seats on empty legs of flights at incredibly reduced prices.

So what are you waiting for Social Gals and Gents with a sexy travel agenda? Get appy. 


By Jenn Campbell

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