She makes luxury travel so much better

Truth be told, I’ve become somewhat of a luxury travel troll, always searching out new peeps to follow on this front, and have gotten rather attached to a growing gaggle, ever enlightened and entertained by their expertise and fantastical way with travel photos.

Accordingly, another fave escape artist worth sharing on this TRAVEL TUESDAY, is the fabulously named Bold Brunette, aka Christina Galbato.

Obsessed with travel from a young age, the talented communicator and savvy self-made influencer / social media entrepreneur turned a passion for fine escapes into a full-fledged career, even topping it off with a method to help others morph their dreams into reality propositions.

WHY I CAN’T GET ENOUGH: Not only are the destinations first-rate, photos beyond  drool-worthy, and tips incredibly practical and well delivered, but the writing style is just so vivid and alive, infused with so much soul and authenticity … which is so refreshing in a world that’s sometimes too slick for its own good.

So do pay a visit to this Bold Brunette.

She brings the sunshine, as the following pics borrowed from her site illustrate:




By Jenn Campbell

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