In a digital era where we’ve all become constant photographers and documentarians of our lives – especially in the sphere of media (save my soul), a kind of subtle code of ethics and conduct has arisen, which I’m addressing today (with some hard core candor and passion).



One of the main rules – subscribed to by the good people on this planet who strive to “do unto others” is, quite simply  “don’t post ugly, unflattering or compromising pics of anyone, period.

WHY? For so many reasons but the top one being the ease and vast potential reach of the ugly iffy share (not to mention the potential for permanence). Can you say viral?

OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little (a smattering of hyperbole is not out of character, wink) but just the thought of your immediate circle perusing a pic you’d normally delete from your phone (’cause even you can’t stand to be reminded of the angry pimple, muffin top escape, drunken glaze, or who knows what other horrifying capture is contained in that particularly offensive unfiltered bitch-snap) is UNACCEPTABLE.

And really why would anyone want to post an even remotely ugly or unflattering compromising pic of a fellow human that could not only offend on a small level (duh) but  potentially cause relationship issues, or even cost career opportunities?

Though a rhetorical query, I’ll answer it anyway:

Because “the poster” of said disturbing image has issues with you, agendas personal and/or professional,  or is just a plain … See You Next Tuesday.

There are really no other justifications for posting a flat-out questionable or bad pic.

Solid humans with no issues, agendas, jealousy, etc will conversely, go out of their way to rock out the best possible angles, filters, etc to ensure that you look your best in a snap and make the right impression.

They know as well as we all do that bad pics are not only embarrassing in a photo-dominated world, but have the potential to wreak some serious damage.

So the text time you fall upon a questionable snap (so sweet of them to tag it to your attention) question the taker/poster.

Chances are they ain’t your people. Point finale. 😉

By Jenn Campbell

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