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So here’s the mental pic: You hop in the AM shower for that beloved daily ritual, reach for the container on your right or left (depending on bathroom configuration), squeeze out a healthy dollop of the cream within, which, upon contact with your wet skin, not only activates the dream potion’s high-intensity moisturizing properties, but contributes to the building of a gorgeous streak-free natural-looking tan, intensified with each shower application.

Added perk: The fresh hues remain on your glowtastic body, NOT on your favourite pristine white towels.

Sound too good to be true? Like some farfetched figment of a beauty-obsessed imagination, conjuring up fantasy products?

Well, sometimes (rarely), when something sounds too good be true, it isn’t!

Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer is one of those precious rare moments in life when the “sounding too good” is as authentic as “the really is that good!”


Just be sure to use the product sparingly around elbows, knees, and ankles, and wash hands well after use.

Sunscreen is a good idea too, seeing that the product doesn’t contain it … yet!

Now, glow get em, Social Gals and Social Gents! You are party / life READY! 


By Jenn Campbell

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