Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or  exclusively binge-watching Netflix, and totally avoiding mainstream network TV on a regular basis), you’ve likely seen the seemingly endless stream of ads for what is arguably the globe’s most famous head rest: the MY PILLOW.

And, of course, if so, you’re also familiar with the pillow’s most famous and enthusiastic proponent, it’s creator, most popularly known as “that My Pillow Guy” who can magically pop into your bathroom and talk back to you in the mirror like he does with the startled (not sure if they’re real advocates or actors) on the latest My Pillow commercial; the expressive pair who muse aloud about their lousy night’s sleep, only to have the famed pillow pro respond (with signature down-home enthusiasm) from the other side of the mirror (TV magic!!) that the solution lies in a trial of his beloved invention.


Now, you’re wondering, as my skeptical mother so often does, who is actually listening (intently) to recurring advertising spiels like this one (that she dismisses as “sucker fodder”) and then promptly dialing up the flashing number on the screen to order the alleged sleep solution, guaranteeing deeper, better, longer sleep … the beauy queen slumber we all fantasize about?

Well, one of said “suckers” would be ,,, me! Yup, truth be told, I’m an infomercial maker’s dream and, more often than not, do fall prey to their seductive promises and give their dream-endorsing  products  a try, as I did, rather rapidly, with this latest pillow …



Upon receipt (I also ordered the sheets and pillow covers too, of course I did), I immediately dressed the bed in full-on My Pillow finery, excited to enjoy all the much-hyped blissful resting and rejuvenation alleged to follow suit.

But, after a few nights, no such luck (BIG SAD-FACE EMOJI TIME!!)

Truth be told I found the pillow too poufy and stiff, and found myself reaching for the old feathered number I had yet to send to pillow heaven.

Dissapointed and deflated (at least figuratively), I dialed up the My Pillow customer service people who were pretty real, given the circumstances, and promised to refund my myriad purchases, while suggesting one last whirl with the product, underscoring the fact that changing pillows is not a small deal and sometimes takes a little getting used to (what they called an adjustment period  (literallly lol!).

Buoyed by their consumer friendliness, I reached for the My Pillow again to give it one last fair trial … and thank the lucky sleep stars I did!!

The little bugger actually works. Not only have I found myself sleeping for at least an extra hour, targeting the recommended minimum seven to eight hours (which makes a world of difference as a Social Gal running all over the city to capture events and a publisher living on deadlines), but for the first time in many MANY years, I find myself dreaming on a regular basis and remembering the dreams, a sure sign that the powerful REM sleep is kicking into overdrive.

I also feel incredibly rested in the A.M., peaceful, not anxious and drained. I’m ready to face the day with vigour and energy (or, in my case: Jennergy!).

AND … the final benefits: The annoying stiffness and uncomfortable pain in my neck are gone, and in their place … a remarkable slew of compliments from friends and strangers alike asking “what I’ve done?”

So yes, I’m a pathetic who does succumb to ad prowess, but clearly some of the products out there are deserving of the pursuasive push and may just be your next not so best kept beauty secret … 😉

For more information, or to scoop up your own: MYPILLOW.COM.

By Jenn Campbell

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