While summer brings with it all kinds of wonderful (buh-bye heavy winter wear, hello long balmy nights on a terrace with your fave peeps and wine), there are some – ok very few – downsides, like the inevitable extra pour of hot weather-induced sweat that often leads to some rather unforgiving and untimely spots and breakouts (arguably a small price to pay for all that summer fun, but annoying nonetheless).

Which is why we kick off this new week, on a Diary Day Of Beauty: Make It Up Monday, with an easy to whip up, do-it-yoself mask that not only controls those buggers, but leaves skin feeling silky smooth and ready to show off!

For your summer clarification (excuse pun): the ACNE MIRACLE MASK:



  • 1 tbsp. organic raw honey
  • 1 tbsp. organic nutmeg
  • 2/3 teaspoons organic cow’s milk



Combine all ingredients in a small bowl or container, and then apply to entire face with a brush, making sure to carefully layer all contents until gone. Then simply leave for 10-15 minutes, before gently wiping away any residual mixture with a muslin cloth or rinsing with warm water.

Spots looking tamer, huh? Skin soft like a bey’s too …

Take that breakouts. Social Gal’s got your kryptonite!


By Jenn Campbell

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