In a world where the pace gets ever crazier and fitting it all in, increasingly more challenging if not impossible (!!), a workout that burns fat, requires no equipment or fancy gyms, and can literally happen in just 10-minutes during the news  is … not a figment of your imagination but a paragraph below (Yeah, we know, you love us more than Channing Tatum).



Once you’ve parked yourself in front of the TV, turned on your fave morning anchors and have your Apple Watch – or phone – handy to monitor the clock, the magic can begin.

Start the burning with 30 seconds of push-ups (the ultimate full body strength trainer).

Rest for 30 seconds.

Follow with 30 seconds of jumping squats, leaping as high as you can to capitalize on the complete potential of the exercise.

Again, rest for 30 seconds.

Repeat the rotation five times until you hit the 10-minute mark.

Out of breath? Feeling the exertion? Good! Grab a glass of water, let regular breathing resume and congratulate yourself on squeezing in an A.M. burn. You go Gals and Gents!!! The day is yours. 


By Jenn Campbell

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