So, after having the pleasure of experiencing the great Lady O last night at the Bell Centre with the one and only Tat Londono (what fun we had!), I did, predictably, leave the inspired space with new enlightenment and motivation that not only led to one of the best and deepest sleeps I’ve had in a while (#truth), but definitely powered up some new energy (or in my case Jennergy, wink)  and much-needed perspective. For your enjoyment and betterment (I hope!), my Oprah pearls:


First: But that liberating power of forgiveness! REAL forgiveness. After listening intently to Oprah’s heartwrenching and raw description of her final exchanges with her mother, I understood – in true AHA fashion – how destructive it is to not forgive and to continue to carry unresolved hurt and anger. It really does terrible things to our energy and perspective while real forgiveness (the kind she employed) frees up so much valuable space in our heads and lives, paving the way for peace and contentment.

Second, we’ve only got this one “wild precious life” (as she calls it!) and must continually remind ourselves, as Seinfeld did her, that WE design our own lives! We are the captains of our fate!

So often we blame the external forces, losing ourselves in the responsibilities and to-do lists that can insidiously take over our lives and destroy perspective … IF WE LET THEM!

The antidote though is to take back the control, to realize that WE design the course, WE set the pace, the limits, the parameters … WE have the power to change paths, whether it means scouting out new relationships, new job opportunities, new hobbies, whatever. Lest we forget, WE ARE IN THE DRIVING SEAT OF OUR OWN LIVES AND NEED TO POWER THAT SH** UP!!

Third: Listen carefully, intently, authentically to the little voice within; the incredibly powerful one that is invariably right about all and will never lead you astray.

When we clear away the noise (and put down the phone!), that mighty voice WILL yield answers, provide direction, and manifest the purpose that, believe it or not (BELIEVE IT!), lives within us always.

The problem is we so often ignore the voice, listen to others that we think know better, and let the voice that is truly our guardian angel fall by the wayside.

As said so eloquently by Viv in Pretty Woman (albeit under different circs, lol): BIG MISTAKE, HUGE!

That voice is the bomb … !!! MY BIG, HUGE, AHA MOMENT! 

Yeah, Social Gals and Gents, this about last night summary was short and sweet, but when you let the messages sink in – and really ponder their essence – you’re likely to get as excited as I am … 😉

Happy life journeying Social Gals and Gents! May the voice be with you … 


By Jenn Campbell

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