If you haven’t noticed (but you have) we live in a world of maxed-out beauty standards where the gold standard of certain body parts has become well, of the “bigger is better” variety.

Yes, I’m talking about: booties so perky and lifted and larger-than-life you might dare to balance groceries on them; implanted D and double /triple D cups that make natural Bs look inverted; extended lashes with so much volume and length we fear the lids holding them up could give way at any second, halting sight completely; and finally, mouths so plumped up, the consumption of ordinary foods, like bananas, appears dubious.

It’s a wild world on the beauty front, Social Gals and Gents, and we didn’t even go down the whole micro-blading rabbit hole (also imperative for those bushier, fuller, thicker brows currently sitting in mock contempt of the thinner plucked out versions preceding them.)

Anyway, you get it.

Today though, we’re sharing a little Social Gal Secret that has added ample volume and fashionable “pout clout,’ to our worlds, without the added expense, pain and time loss of injectables (which truth be told, I still find a little barbaric).

This beauty find is appropriately called: PLUMPING LIP CREME, and when I wear it (now daily), I tend to get many compliments and multiple inquiries on “who does my lips.”


Proudly I reply “nature … with a little help from the beauty masters at Revlon.

So go crazy dolls, buy several colours. Stock up! (Think of all that $$ you just saved on plastic surgery and derms).

By Jenn Campbell

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