While many of my friends are hooked on cooking shows, I’ve grown somewhat addicted to HGTV and, of late, am especially drawn to tiny homes.

Maybe it’s a leftover from a childhood obsession with dollhouses. It always amazed me how everything could be so magnificently miniaturized for the likes of Barbie and other dolls, to the point that I even initiated my own mini house designing and fabrication, routinely reinventing kleenex boxes as fabulous mini villas for teeny Barbies not yet in existence, because my imaginative mini world was, shock, an extreme version of the usual.

That said (or rather, confessed), the many incarnations of tiny homes on show after show that highlight them, often leave me riveted and wanting more, with a special place in my heart for the luxury versions.

Somehow the bigness of the already delicious small experience is magnified when the luxury is factored in.

The homes are rendered even more stylish and beautiful, perfect little gems, lavished with love and the best in architecure and home amenities.

Cool too is the democratization of the elite designs, for once size is taken down from huge to tiny, price follows suit.

Suddenly everyone, or at least a great many more, can enjoy a tiny luxury home of their very own.

But, though tiny, the purchase of every new real estate is a leap, and should be carefully considered and researched before uh, leaping in.

And what better way to do so than to take advantage of the new travel trend out there, to rent a luxury mini home for a summer jaunt?

Not only does the journey make for a cool new experience in a destination of choice, but it might even lead to some more concrete life-changes, and purchases, in future. 😉

As for where to begin, many of the popular travel sites and services, from airbnb to Luxury Retreats, to Trip Advisor ,are embracing the trend, with a ton of souped up sexy glam options to choose from all over this wonderful world.

So, if tiny appeals, why not go big on it for your next summer adventure?


By Jenn Campbell

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