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One of my great motivators in launching the Diary site, and brand, almost five years ago, was not to compete with the big guys who offer up a pack of posts a day brimming with enormous amounts of well-curated (if, at times, a  tad overwhelming) content but to share some of my, and the team’s, favourite things that enrich our lives in some big or small way that will hopefully bring value to yours as well. From our heart to yours in easily digestible daily nuggets. Boutique style. 😉

And so, it is in that spirit that I share today’s morsel, aka Social Gal Secret: Moringa Oil. 

Though initially deterred by the steep pricetag (it was around 80 bucks for 500 ml at my fave health food spot Bio Source), I was admittedly intrigued by the myriad beauty promises on the bottle (anti-ager, hydrator, hair moisturizer and more) and after a lost battle with my cost-controlling conscience, decided to give the bright-hued organic oil from Haiti a whirl.

 Note to self: Oprah the master was spot-on. Instincts and the little voice rarely lead us astray.

After using the oil on a frequent basis for several months, ranging from daily to a few times a week as both a body moisturizer, hair masque,  under eye “cream,” even bath oil, I’ve fallen completely under Moringa’s spell.

Derived from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera Tree (rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants and all stuffs declared fabulous for health and revitalization), I can affirm with gusto that the applications have not only resulted in smoother, more moisturized, supple skin, but that there’s a definite “youthifying” effect too, as well as some other unexpected benefits, like a deeper, more relaxed sleep, which makes sense given the oil’s popularity as a massage oil.

As for hair benefits: I can swear that since I’ve been using it, my overprocessed fine strands are rejuvenated, and appearing consideraby more lush and shiny. (Compliments from cuties and frenemies alike have been forthcoming.)

So was the Moringo worth the investment Social Gals and Gents? You bet your soft skin loving, hawt hair obsessed bottoms! 😉 

By Jenn Campbell

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