It’s the New Year and, with that, comes a ton of inspiration to renew our lives, and ourselves, on every level, including the way we care for our largest and most visible organ: our skin (aka epidermis for the more scientic among you). Which is why, on an end of year pharmacy run with one of my fave partners in fab, Bradley Grill, I couldn’t help but stop and stare at the appealingly slick Silk’n ReVit Microderm Device, an at-home resource promising to be an effective (and considerably more economical) alternative to professional microdermabrasion.

Moreover, the lure of having complete control over a litte magic machine that would slough off dead skin cells while providing a gratifying suctioning sensation synonymous with “out with the old, in with the dewy glowy new,” while I indulged Netflix marathons, was well, too much to pass up. (I know all you like-minded beauty product / treatment junkies get it).

Sooo,  I bit the bullet and threw the device into my cart (along with several other allegedly miraculous products / tools that I’ll have more to say about in the coming weeks).


Once home, ensconced in my private lab (naughty mad scientist wink), I couldn’t help but tear into the box and assemble my hopefully new ‘beauty bestie’, a process for this assembly-challenged gal that, thanks to simple well-presented instructions was suprisingly easy and low stress (no need to call in the doormen for assemble-support, yes I do that, pathetic).

And then, like a kid in a candystore, I set about my first treatment (using the more aggressive settings, duh) which was as gratifying as I had initially imagined, each suctiony motion sounding and feeling like it was on the right track to removing all that pesky, complexion-dulling dry and damaged skin.

The verdict? By George, I think they’ve got it! After several weeks of tri-weekly treatments (for five minutes each), I definitely see a marked improvement in overall texture, a more uniform and clear complexion, with the added punim perk of a rosy glow that is clearly a side-benefit of of upping the circulation.

There’s something to this Diamond Peeling Exfoliation Social Gals and Social Gents! Try it yourselves and let us know what you think; the white and green baby is available for purchase at most purveyors of good beauty loot like ULTA and AMAZON.

By Jenn Campbell

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