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He’s the darling of the fashion world yes, but this groundbreaking young talent is taking hair as we know it to new lengths … and heights. Enjoy this exclusive sit-down from Diary Vol. 6. THE TECHNOLOGY EDITION:  

Charlie, you’re the creator/king of the “Haute Coiffure” movement which sounds so fabulous, chic and hairtastic! However, what does it mean for those who have never had the privilege of experiencing it before? Can you break it down for them?

Haute Coiffure is like haute couture but for hairstylists. In other words, considerable time and money is expended by a stylist in creating a collection, or even one particular style. It’s no longer a ready-to-wear kind of thing, but rather a creative and detailed process that takes much time, effort, imagination and skill to bring to life, using the best possible products and tools to do so. For example, when creating my own Haute Coiffure collections and custom creations involving additional hair, I work only with the highest quality Russian and Siberian hair because there are not many chemicals on them, which makes for excellent quality and results.

So that’s the definition of Haute Coiffure. However, it has admittedly evolved for me since I’ve begun working and gotten more into sculpture. Because I can now, for argument’s sake, give a table a hairstyle I’ve come to see Haute Coiffure in a broader sense, as applying to objects in addition to people. As long as the quality of the hair is amazing, of course.

Clearly, wigs float the Le Mindu boat, so much so that you’ve actually masterminded a line of your own. What is it about them that so enchants? Moreover, how do us regular, less gifted people pull off a Mindu and/or any wig?

I actually have a ready-to-wear line of wigs coming out that will be available online and be very easy to wear. I think wigs are the future of hairstyling. Women just want great quality hair so they don’t have to damage their own. You just slip it on and go. We might even do a collaboration with “Colette.”

 What are your favourite transcendent, transformative magic potions and products?

There is one brand that I absolutely loooove. It’s called Leonor Greyl. It’s all natural, and super-expensive, but well worth it. It contains natural bamboo oil that really does the trick. I highly recommend the bamboo shampoo and jasmine flower conditioner. Also, the powder is great for adding volume on bad hair days.

 Technology in all its glory is the theme for this edition. How has it influenced and inspired your worlds of creation?

Technology is very important. I just did an exhibition in Tokyo where I had to mix hair with fiber optics, which was so cool and really made an impact. I always try to push myself farther, and technology allows me to do that.

 You’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with some pretty dreamy A-list creators, i.e., Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Kate Moss, and many more. Which fab collabs standout and why?

I love working with celebrities. It’s very inspiring. When I worked with Lady Gaga, it was awesome because I was able to go crazy with my creations. She also has a huge and amazing team of professionals so many stylists, makeup artists, etc. that really augmented the experience.

 Charlie, we’re a book and brand about parties and party people. Per your bio, it sounds like you’ve attended and hosted your fair share of spectacular soirées. In your expert opinion, what makes for a hot party?

I throw the best parties for my birthday! When I do them, there are always 2000+ people invited. I’ve thrown some in Paris, and last year I hosted one in Vienna. It’s very important to have a dress code. For my last one, everyone had to wear a wig, and if you didn’t, you weren’t let in! I had people like Rick Owens who showed up without a wig and I didn’t let them in. I really don’t care. I think that a dress code / theme brings everyone together and makes the party more fun. Also, the guests had to leave their phones and cameras at the entrance, which really enhanced the “living in and enjoying the moment” dimension. We had the best time.

Sounds brilliant. Hoping I can score an invite to the next one. 😉 And finally, my friend, before we bid adieu, one for the road: What should impression-making, entrance-loving party people do with their hair this holiday season?

I don’t believe in trends. I believe in personalities. People should cultivate the hair that suits their respective personalities. That’s the best way to go.

Ahhh, common sense. Love it!! Thanks for the sit-down superstar and keep up the fabulous.



By Jenn Campbell

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