Pucker up to this potion

There’s no question that “lipiquette” (a new word created especially for today’s Diary Day of Beauty lol) has really changed with the trends and times.

And it’s safe to say that in today’s pouty world, bigger is usually better … though, of course, within reason, and not with a view to looking like a thousand bees attacked your mouthpiece or you went to the wrong surgeon / injector with a predilection for pronounced duck face.

While I personally have yet to go the MD mouth-enhancing route (never say never, Dr. Karl stand by!), I have definitely upped my game on the lip front, seeking out a number of good products and potions that help make me look “as if. 😉

One range that I absolutely love is the Sexy Mother Pucker plumping glosses from Soap & Glory.

Not only do these rich and glossy babies, action packed with their SUPERFILL Lip Plumping Spheres, offer up a seriously impressive swell, but the sheen lasts forever (especially advantageous when you’re low on reapplication time).

My hue of choice (and please refrain from poking fun ’cause it’s just coincidence) is: Half Naked.

Yes, hilarious. Whatev.

Let me know what you think of this latest Social Gal Secret.

Happy #MAKEITUPMONDAY superstars.



By Jenn Campbell

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