A cathartic, sympathetic romp for modern Social Gals

So as a Gen X Jenn, I grew up with crazy hot supermodels all ‘round the mediascape: stunners like Linda, Cindy, Christy, Naomi and Kate who famously wouldn’t get outta bed for how many thousands a day.

There was definitely pressure from numerous sources – media and closer to home – to look fab, hot, slim, manicured, pedicured, groomed, fashionable etc.

And sure my girls and I worked at it, embracing the latest workouts promising to tone and tighten; following the then state-of-the-art food science for optimal health and skinnification; religiously getting the nails and hair done by of-the-moment gurus; stocking up and slathering on the miracle-promising dream creams and regimens that were gonna “Angelina Jolie” us; and yes heading for monthly maintenance facials, massages and more.

But somehow, in the past little while, it’s gotten considerably worse. Crazy town-ish. I’d say it’s a factor of keeping the machine well oiled, but my millennial gal pals seem to be feeling the same angst.

Like, when was it ever necessary to supplement the mascara application with a complete lash extension overhaul, spending hours with trained specialists to laboriously attach individual mink lashes to our own so that we might then bat away at prospective suitors or mates with a set of lashes so supersized we have to be careful to keep them out of our brows?!

And when did it become so de rigueur to not only go for a professional facial seasonally but routinely sign up for a science fiction worthy escapade, where blood and fat and who knows what need be extracted from our bods and then reimplanted into the facial regions just to nail the right flow and glow?

Similarly, teeth used to look good naturally. I mean we flossed, brushed, did our hygiene thing thank you very much, but that was it. Suddenly, in modern smile world, it’s all about time-devouring at-home whitening regimes, supplemented by professional high-tech treatments with dentists now called cosmetic dentists, who can merrily finish off the Ross-in-friends-worthy-whitening sessions with a little toxing, should we wish to compete with all the other hotties out there signing up for line / expression-free perfection?

And yes, topping off the toxing, extending, whitening, and more is the need to not only have a healthy, supple, in-shape physique (hard enough) but one where new standards have emerged like the aforementioned thigh gap (a sizable space between thighs seemingly natural for malnourished models only) and posteriors so pushed up and Kardashian-like most women with them, look like they’re always tilted forward. #CabooseCrowd

Clearly, looking fabulous in 2016 is no easy feat and while I too find myself partaking in the spirited keeping up, pushing up, lashing out, heck every out, at a certain point, you start to wonder, when is enough enough?

A funny thing too about this game, which occurred to me recently. Ever notice that you get the most compliments on a day when, irrespective of the beauty regimen, you’re feeling good and happy and grateful and counting your blessings?

Hmmmmmmmmm said the tired Social Gal, hmmm.

By Jenn Campbell

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