And prolly kills some of you too

I don’t know if it’s a factor of the years passing (that surely can’t help lol) but there’s a new trending question in the air that’s been popping up quite a bit in my world, and, after consulting some other women in my midst, seems to also be plaguing them too, irrespective of life stage; from my millennial gal pals to the baby vaboomers.

The first time I heard it I was minding my own business, conducting a very merry tour of the pharmacy across the street from me, in deep contemplation over whether or not I really needed the new Swiffer (sue me, I love swiffing) when suddenly from out of seemingly nowhere burst an old pal from college, who, in one fell swoop, demolished my cleaning utensil focus with an exuberant greeting and equally exuberant (read: air-depleting) hug.

“Hiiiiiiii!!!” she said with more energy and endorphins than I would muster that week, “How are you?!! You look amazing!!”

And then before I could peep out even a monosyllable, there it was, the question, coming out of her mouth like the oddest most bizarre statement in the history of old friend pharmacy exchanges:

“Jenn, please I have to know! Who takes care of your face?”

Still recovering from the breath impairing snug-hug, I thought for a second that maybe I had misheard or misunderstood. Did this broad just ask me who takes care of my face like who takes care of my cat or dog when I go out of town? Or my plant?

Yes … she did. And, upon reflection, I can’t blame her ‘cause sadly in this wild world we live in, where beauty and bod maintenance have taken on such epic proportions and plastic surgeons, derms and other beauty aficionados and technicians abound, armed with the latest greatest everything to tuck, nip, smooth, erase, shape, brighten etc, the question is not that coo-coo-nuts.

And if I really own the honest game, I do have several peeps who “take care” of my face, like you care for your favourite pet (wink) from the toxing McSurgeon to the facialist to the acupuncturist.

So while I may not like the question and it does admittedly still kill a bit every time I hear it, the “face as pet query” is here to stay. Might as well get used to it.

By Jenn Campbell

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