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I’ve never professed to be normal (yes, normal can be incredibly ho-hum) or for this to be a conventional space or site (clearly, it’s not).

So please don’t be taken aback when I tell you to make today a COCO DAY, as in a day you devote your interior and exterior to the wondrous benefits of naturally derived organic coconut oil.

And no, I’m not gonna go into all the benefits of the much talked about miracle oil cause lord knows you’ve read enough posts on that front, but instead am going to share two Diary approved uses for the oil, guaranteed to produce good results, and make life better and more beautiful, today and every day you implement them. 

Ok, here we go:


By now, you’ve likely heard of Bullet Coffee, the coffee that relies on a pad of butter as a means of equipping the AM brew with an infusion of good fat that will not only make your coffee rich and creamy, but serve as a satiating agent; one that will keep hunger pangs at bay and ultimately enable you to manage weight better.

I’ve tried it and enjoyed the benefits but given a desire to consume less dairy, decided a little while ago to create my own Vegan version, replacing the butter with a tablespooon of coconut oil and voila, my new favourite AM java was bornand I swear by it.

Every day, after a glass of room temperature water with lemon, and a ginger tea in the early morn (we’ll talk benefits of these morning potions another time), I enjoy a midmorning coffee (always organic because pesky pesticides are partout), enhanced with the tablespoon of coco oil, my couldn’t-live-without-it packet of organic  Stevia and sometimes, to add a little pop, depending on my mood: a pinch of organic cinnamon or coacoa.

The brew not only tastes abfab and offers up the usual perks and benefits of the oil,  but, like the original version, keeps me well fortified past noon, in time for a healthy lunch.

Do give it a whirl and let me know what you think. I swear you won’t be dissapointed!


As for the second coco miracle, it’s simple but effective and can even yield some unexpected side benefits, if you and your mate are feeling a little inspired (naughty wink!).

After a late night, post werk soak with Epsom Salts (the many benefits of which will be chatted up another time), proceed to slather every possible spot of your still damp bod with generous amounts of coconut oil, including your freshly washed mane.

Then, massage it in, enjoying the slithery sensation and appealing aroma.

Be sure too to wear socks so that your tender tootsies maximize the moisturizing and rejuvenating effects of the application while you sleep.

Next: Atop sheets that are not your satin and / or million thread count faves, go on to luxuriate in the full-on experience of the oil on your skin, and head into dreamland knowing that the skin you slip into the next morning is going to be some of the softest and smoothest you’ve ever encountered, giving winter dryness the pushback it deserves.

So there you have em, two tried and true uses for coco oil that I hope give you Social Gals and Gents as much joy and good results as they have bestowed upon me.

More Social Gal Secrets revealed with love and sass in the spirit of the season! 😉



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