Yes, holiday season is around the corner and that means lots of travel for many who relish the opportunity to get in some good year-end rest and rejuvenation before jolting up again for all the fabulous and challenging that the New Year in 2019 will bring.

But the question is, with a globe this big and interesting, and the choice so vast: Where to go? How do we narrow it down? It’s all so daunting!!! 

That said, before you pull out any hair scrolling down one of the many travel sites out there that seduces with at least a trazillion awesome-looking spots, consider the following:




first, take a deep exhale and contemplate what you and your travel mates – be they family or friends – really want to experience on this next trip.

Do all want to gear up for an action-packed adventure, like a safari, or is the aspiring vibe for the tribe more on the chill side, laying by the beach, contemplating the emerald transparent green of the ocean before you and indulging in pampery spa treatments all day?

Consider too that, in today’s brilliant world of travel, a vacation need not be just one thing.

You can easily do one week adventure/one week chill, or head on a safari that also factors in good relaxation time – and spatastic – too. 😉

It’s key to establish the direction before heading into freakout mode.




And then,once you come to a calm and clear consensus abut the type of trip in mind (if more than just fabulous you are involved in the travel plans), friends and business colleagues could prove to be your best research resource.

While Google offers it all up (like every confusing overwhelming last bit, ditto for travel sites), I’ve found that consulting with friends and family and professional colleagues, tends to yield the best results and resources, and considerably narrows down the search for the type of destination in mind.

I swear that my gal pal Lissy is the greatest travel resource on the planet, able to send over the best possible suggestions and agendas for almost any dream escape.

Clearly, the human element is not one to be ignored when masterminding the next big escape in your world.

So, yes, planning the holiday travel can be scary but, if approached in the right way, with the right support, it can also be fun, collaborative and a prelude to one awesome trip.   

By Jenn Campbell

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