Sure, there are scads of sexy apps out there that you can’t wait to download, and then, #truth: you barely ever use them and they just sit there staring back at you from their cozy home in your phone; graphically gorgeous, but functionally … useless.  

And then, there are some less sexy options that may not have all the initial sass and allure, but, these app-babies actually DO something, like today’s frontrunner: GOGO ENTERTAINMENT.   

As more airlines get sketchy with their in-flight entertainment (READ: take them away,) forcing you take charge of your over-ocean amusement, apps like Gogo become a new bestie.

Typically working in tandem with an airline’s dedicated app, you can stream movies, fave television shows, and music for free on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. once you reach cruising altitude. NO complaints there!

All you have to do, to get the party started, is download it  – and the airline app – before boarding. (While certain airlines permit in-flight downloads, the possible tech/download issues are not worth the last-minute stress).

To bring this flight enhancement into your world – or to garner more info – go to Gogo Entertainment.

Happy flights, happy life, Social Gals and Gents …. 😉 

By Jenn Campbell

Montreal-based luxury lifestyle social magazine. for lovers of: parties, solid fashion, fine eats, sexy escapes, the best in fitness and health trends, motivating quotage, good pop and other culture, celebrity fabulousness and the whole luxury lifestyle landscape in general.

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