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Her name is Vanessa Packer and she’s a former fashion stylist, and current holistic nutritionist, with a passion for healthy living and fine fitness, who decided to harness all that talent and experience (bless her soul) with the launch of the incredibly popular and oh-so-trending ModelFIT studio, where yes, A-list actresses and supermodels like Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teigen, go to tone up and get camera-ready.


ModelFIT devotee, KARLIE KLOSS.


EAST COAST / WEST COAST CONNEXION: With minimalist cool, well-mirrored outposts in both New York and L.A. (duh), visitors enjoy signature workouts like the beloved SCULPT (a favourite of runway rockers), taught by Gray Institute-certified instructors, designed to output what Packer calls “a functional feminine physique.”


Founder VANESSA PACKER and friends take on one of her studio’s master workouts. Photography: LA TIMES.


“We’re not seeking to build big muscles, but rather to build strength by targeting the hard-to-reach smaller muscles we believe matter most,” said the studio master in an interview earlier this year with the LA Times.

THE M.O.: As for actual workout experience and sweat seshes: two-three pound weights and resistance bands are key ModelFIT fitness ammo as class members move through a series of high repetition squats, leg lifts and combination moves, punctuated by bursts of cardio to keep heart rates up and fat-burning in optimal zones. (Tunes are well-thought out too, with the best of Drake, Sia and poppy others inspiring maximum performance).




BOTTOM LINE: While not as coo coo intense as CrossFit, or other boot-camp based workouts, the bods are toned and sculpted to a very good place at ModelFIT, pleasing devotees with such sleek, enviable silhouettes, they can’t help but keep coming back for more … better calling cards than any glossy ad campaign. 😉



For more, go to model fit.com. 


By Jenn Campbell

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