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It’s amazing what pops up when you take on vacation-hunting in the wild and woolly world of “la Google.”

In an enthusiastic attempt to nail down a desperately needed August escape before the madness of the fall / winter social season takes hold (along with the full-on prep for our next much-anticipated seventh edition of the Diary mag), I fell upon a retreat-style active vacay that I’m not only seriously considering for the reinspiration of my own mental-health and well-being, but it also happens to double as perfect fodder for today’s post, on this WORKOUT WEDNESDAY, our weekly Diary Day of Fitness and Health.

THE GOODS: The escape to which I excitedly refer is an initiative launched in 2016 by the laid-back style masters at beloved bohemian fashion brand Free People, where in-house researchers discovered, via where else but social media platforms, that devotees of the brand would likely embrace an opportunity to continue their healthy-living, yoga-rich lifestyles in the context of exotic and beautiful vacation locales, while also enjoying bonding experiences with like-minded livers.

Enter: FP Escapes, incredibly well thought out and organized wellness getaways to diverse and compelling destinations like Andalusia, Glacier National Park, Peru, Palm Springs, Sonoma, Nicaragua, and more, where guests revel in daily yoga with renowned practitioners, fabulously healthful and delicious meals, and enlightening, oft life-enhancing workshops with leading experts in various fields, all undertaken creatively against a backdrop of some of the globe’s most breathtaking destinations, in the company of knowledgeable local guides and gurus, ready to seriously broaden horizons!

Pretty awesome non?

Cost structure: As for your pocketbook, these brilliant packages are well-worth the investment, which are really not too steep, and include accommodations, daily yoga, customized healthy meals, guides, workshops, even $250-$500 worth of amazing Free People product (an added perk for the FP obsessed). There are also incentives for the good planners among us, in the form of Super Early Bird, and Early Bird packages.

So, if your next vacation is one where you’d like to continue a healthful, yoga lifestyle in spectacular surroundings, or reroute your life onto a healthier, more mindful path in the grandest of company and global spots, this re-TREAT (who could resist the wordplay?), has your name all over it.

For more, enjoy the sumptuous images from past voyages below, and go to






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