And it's virtual ...

While buff Social Gals and Gents, with a yen for putting up their dukes, have been embracing boxing workouts for awhile (nothing novel there), there’s a new twist on the box-based sweat sessions that’s taking things next level: virtual boxing.

Yes, g-lovers, boxing has gone fiercely digital with the pioneering likes of The Boxx Method.

Dubbed the ‘world’s first virtual boxing experience,’ the Method wows punch-perfecting subscribers with a series of well-choreographed 30-minute video sequences, each including five rounds of shadow-boxing punctuated by high-intensity intervals, rounded off at their conclusion by what else but ‘knockout rounds.’


Calories burned are in the vicinity of 600 (so have that burger with fries!), and continue to burn long after the workout is over.

There are also myriad other advantages like upping strength, speed, and honing coordination.

As for making it happen, subscriptions come in the form of monthly or annual packages that provide access to the impressive online library.

For details, or to start the virtual buff boxing pronto, go to



By Jenn Campbell

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