You'll need this tech toy ...

Ever wonder why some of your friends and / or favourite insta stalkees’ photos from their latest travels look so mouthwateringly next level / outta-this-world fabulous, while yours look so … annoyingly ordinary?

Well, wonder no more. We’ve got a new trick-of-the-trade that will take your feed from HO-hum to oh-YEAH, in an instant.

Skylines will suddenly appear endlessly irresistible, sending your friends and followers into serious skyline-envy territory, scrambling to book trips to SanFran and NYC, while island and beach captures will now properly convey all that lush, panoramic paradise that a lone shot of you standing at the edge of the shore never could.

Kay enough buildup. Time to meet your new photo-taking bestie: THE DRONE, master of the bird’s eye view and aerial perspective, and, further proof of technology’s uncanny ability to keep it all so interesting. 😉

Our dream crush on the drone front is the surprisingly accessible DJI Mavic drone. Not only does this magnificent invention weigh a mere 743 grams and fit neatly into your carry-on (like a good drone), but thanks to exemplary ActiveTrack technology and a 4K camera, will capture your adventures in  blockbuster Hollywood fashion.


As is their due. 

For more on this miraculous photo maven, click HERE. 

Happy droning. 

By Jenn Campbell

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