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In addition to receiving one of the greatest honours of their careers (probably the greatest), Academy Award nominees also receive a ton of public love, adulation and … stuff. Yes, stuff, as in gifts galore from companies, designers etc looking to capitalize on the nominees’ now even more brandable, bankable notoriety.

The best stuff though, arrives the week prior to the ceremony, from a savvy marketing firm, Distinctive Assets (in no way affiliated with the OSCARS® or Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) best known the world over for masterminding and delivering the swaggiest of swag.

While this season’s pricy luxury bag brimmeth with a panoply of covetable objects, some of the most beloved treats came in the form of glam getaways and escapes.

So if you’re thinking of a pampery, celeb-worthy trip sometime soon, this list’s for you … The pix say it all: 

Koloa Landing Resort at Poipu, Hawaii


The Golden Door Spa Retreat



Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento 




 Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como

Lost Coast Ranch in Northern California

By Jenn Campbell

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