Secrets to a perfect Social Gal soak

One of my favourite Friends episodes ever (and I have many) was Chandler’s irrepressible bliss when introduced to the wonders of an indulgent bath by all-knowing Monica. The euphoric look on his boy-next-door face while immersed in the fragrant bubbled bath was, in a word, priceless and … strangely familiar. Who did Chandler remind me of? And then it struck, like a bolt of lightning. Chandler reminded me of … ME!

Social Gals and Gents, I too can’t help but close my eyes, exhale and retreat to a place of absolute relaxation when soaking my weary post-event bod in a tub of aromatic, soothing bubbles. It is, in my humble, the ultimate escape from the day and the very best recharger and rejuvenator.

But be forewarned: Not all bathing experiences are created equal. To achieve the kind of bliss Chandler and I experienced, you have to score the right ingredients and set the mood.:

Candles (preferably emitting your favourite scent, be it fruity, floral or woodsy) are a must. I’m partial to Diptyque candles, as visually arresting as they are sweet smelling.

Bubbles also seem to be a must, adding much to the experience. For some reason, a la Ms. Monroe who adored Coco’s signature scent, I am repeatedly drawn to Chanel #5 Velvet Milk Bath (though admittedly heart all bubbles, having fallen madly in love with Mr. Bubble as a newbie bather in nursery school). Heck the guy had sass!

Speaking of sass, a recent obsession is the ‘Bath Bomb.’ LUSH has an incredible collection that fizzes stress far far away. I worship Butterball and Twilight.

And finally, there’s good ol’ Baking Soda, which has even struck a chord with the likes of superstar/GOOP goddess Gwyneth Paltrow, who swears by it as a must-add for her bathing rituals.

Wow, all this bath talk has wound me right up. Off to remedy the situation with a long, restorative soak … Care to join? 😉 


By Jenn Campbell

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