It’s that time of year again Social Gals and Gents; road trips, cruises, resorts and all shades of getaway adventures and escapes intended to replenish and recharge, or so we hope! 😉  That said, traveling can be stressful not only for you, but your presh skin and body too. It’s easy to find yourself unpacking at your rockstar beach bungalow only to realize you’ve left behind that one coveted item that makes all the difference and turns you into holiday royalty  (and who knows: maybe your Prince Harry is next door?!)  That’s why Diary’s assembled a Top 10 Travel Beauty Essentials Guide, so you know exactly what you’ll need to be top-tier fabulous while escaping the day-to-day … 


Tinted Moisturizer

In keeping with the popular adage, less is definitely more when the summer heat hits! So make like a nice responsible Gal or Gent and swap  the current foundation for a tinted moisturizer, essential for allowing skin to breathe easier. Be sure too to opt for a brand with high SPF, the ultimate youth ally.



Waterproof Mascara

Raccoon eyes are not a good look, especially if you haven’t been crying over a breakup, but channelling good summer vibes. Fight the summer-induced rac-eyes with waterproof mascara. Lashes will look fluttery-ferosh all day long, no matter how high the temp, or intense the water sports.



Lip & Cheek Stain

Nothing like some good multitasking, especially when on vacay and the focus is fun and relaxation. Enter the vastly underrated in our humble, lip and cheek stain. This easy option not only adds a great moist glow to cheeks but perfects the pout too, ensuring long-lasting coverage and kissability.



Eye Brow Gel

Since makeup is applied at a minimum during the summer heat, be careful to give extra love to your brow game. We love the tinted brow gels that go on like mascara and quickly fills in sparser regions (so efficient) while keeping everything neat and orderly. Thick/ model-sassy is the goal, messy and unkempt swamp creature, not so much.



Facial Cleanser

Just because you’re not packing on the makeup doesn’t mean it’s not there. Even the smallest applications can clog pores and lead to breakouts, particularly when the sweat scenario is peaking. So be vigilant and wash it all off twice daily with your fave cleanser; yes, the one you’ve ingeniously transferred to travel size bottles, DUH!!



Bronzing Body Oil

Don’t you just love the look of dewy summer skin, the greatest accessory when post beach day fun morphs into swishy summer frock mode starring you dancing the night away with not a care in the world. Your bestie here: bronzing oil applied everywhere skin is visible .. and even where it’s not! 😉 Shine like the diamond you are.



Leave-In Hair Conditioner

To ensure that tresses don’t dry out and look frizz-frightening, be sure to add some leave-in conditioner to damp locks. Hair will stay hydrated and frizzies kept at bay, where they belong.



Lip Balm

While slathering on the SPF, we often tend to forget the tender lip area, which benefits like coo-coo from a lip balm boasting high SPF protection. Thankfully, all the big brands now include solid pout protectors in their respective ranges. Pick a fave and be sure to reapply several times during the day during daylight hours.



Nail Polish

Chances are you won’t be getting a manicure on vacation. Why waste precious holiday time? Instead, come prepped with one of those adorable mini mani sets and reapply touch-ups if sun and sand induce any annoying AF chipping.



Summer Fragrance

As creatures of habit, we all return to our go-to fragrances over and over (bo-ring!) no matter the season. But truth be told: summer is an optimal time to experiment with new and different fragrances. Maybe something crispy and citrusy or more sugary and bold?  Why not? Go crazy. 😉


Kay, you’re ready now vacay rockstars. BRING ON THE ESCAPES AND HAVE INSANE AMOUNTS OF FUN! 


By Jenn Campbell

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