There are just some products that we can’t live without, especially in a whirlwind always-on world where stress often culminates in untimely eruptions that make making our best impressions at both biz meetings and top-tier events and social gatherings inordinately challenging, if not impossible …

You know the feeling: “OMG, they’re totally staring at the mountain on my chin; how the heck am I supposed to feel all confident and attractive and nail this presentation or grand entrance ?!!”

But fear no more Social Gals and Gents, there are some fab face savers out there that can come to your rescue ASAP and keep those pesky little pimple monsters at bay. G-d, I hate them!!! 

One we’re currently loving in Diaryland is the well-deserving of its fame: ERADIKATE, by cosmetics guruesse KATE SOMERVILLE:

Ingeniously packed with effective bacteria killers and regenerators including Sulphur (a whopping 10%), Alpha-hydroxy acids, and Zinc Oxide, the combined result is a fast-acting healing and prevention miracle.

All you need do on your side is sink the applicator down into the pretty pink bottle, dab a little potion on the enemy and/or affected area, and sweet dreams your way into a clearer better next day …

There is a guardian angel out there and her name is Kate. 

By Jenn Campbell

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