Why the beauty love affair, part one

For years, people have been telling me to incorporate castor oil, an age old remedy beloved by generations before us, into the beauty regime and I was like whatever. How could it possibly compare to some of the sophisticated creams and potions I’ve become so enamoured of?

Well, after several months of listening to said peeps, I have to admit that there is indeed something there, beginning with the skin zone.

First, the oil, rich in natural emollients, has an incredibly moisturizing ability, penetrating deep into the epidermis, providing results that are admittedly rivalling some of the fancy, far more expensive options. The delicate skin around my eyes really does have a fresher, softer look, as do them pesky frown lines.

Second, and so fabulously, the few drops of oil behaving so nicely on the moisturizing and anti-aging front, also seem to be having their way with the breakouts. Just a few drops massaged into the face at night, and then washed off the next morning, has contributed significantly to both treating the blemishes I have and preventing the formation of new ones, thanks to the high quantities of ricinoleic acid, effective combatants of acne-causing bacteria.

Finally, the oil that keeps on giving is also a great fader of marks from blemishes, scars, even pigmentation, when used consistently. Though not immediate, the fatty acids contained in it, do have a very positive effect on the fade front, diving deep into the tissue, plumping, and encouraging growth of healthy tissue.

Moral of this skin story? The next time someone touts the benefits of an age-old remedy, don’t scoff, slather!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series, coming your way next week, when we chat up the benefits of castor oil on the hair front.


By Jenn Campbell

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