Mornings / life never felt so good

The latest this, the latest that! Really, who can keep up with all the of-the-moment trending regimes, diets, lifestyles, cleanses, and more, all promising ingenious life bettering / body perfecting results?! I certainly can’t, dear lord (despite considerable Jennergy expended in that direction!).

But then, some of said whirlwind offerings do make an impact. Like the been around for awhile and likely to last ’cause it makes  sense and works: BULLETPROOF REGIME. (Stay tuned for a big ol’ post on that baby, coming soon).

For now though, I thought it expeditious to share a Diary-style Vegan version of the now legendary Bulletproof Coffee (basically coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil in it),  that I, and several Social Sisters, have been enjoying, finding ourselves more energized then ever and surprisingly more satiated throughout the day, and less inclined to nosh at the first sighting of a naughty carb. (There have been other benefits too, like maximizing performance in the gym and uh, other life arenas).

We call it (and this may provoke a few giggles, in fact I hope it does): VULLETPROOF COFFEE!


Mornings just got better!





  • 1 cup organic coffee, brewed to taste
  • 1 tbs. organic coconut oil
  • 3 tbs. organic coconut milk (or to taste)



Pretty straightforward non? Brew, pour into fave cup, add oil and milk, mix, enjoy!


Clearly VULLET is the new BULLET! 😉 


By Jenn Campbell

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