Chances are – if you’re a regular Diary visitor and bona fide Social Gal or Gent – you have a thing for luxury lifestyle, with established brands like LV (aka Louis Vuitton) figuring prominently on the Credibility list.

Which is why you’ll be glad to know (if you don’t already, and you might!) that the same covetable luxe label also has its very own digital footprint, for smart phones and iPads: The City Guide. Yup, for real, boasting the same impeccable attention to detail, albeit this time in the sphere of travel.

Offering more than 15,000 place-to-be-and-experience addresses in 29 countries, the incredibly well-researched app delivers quality immersion in each destination, with hard-to-secure-otherwise details about trending hotspots (everything from eateries and clubs to gyms, hotels, museums, galleries etc) as well as details re: the emerging and obscure reaches that ultimately make for the most authentic of getaway experiences.

Fabulous too: the focus on providing experiences for 24-hour cycles; curated descriptions of each location by local celebrities or revered figures; impressive walking tours; suggestions of relevant books and movies to explore pre-trip; samples of free content for every city; easily accessible and share-able maps for every address; opportunities to curate your own list of favourite posts; even the flexibility to send personalized postcards.

Clearly designer travel is the way to go …. 


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By Jenn Campbell

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