The ultimate anywhere, anytime body perfector!

No, I’m not here to pretend I’m a fitness guru, cause that would be well, ridiculous. However, I did start this online presence to share some of the tried and true things that work for me and the Diary team, and make a considerable difference in my / our overall health, well-being, and fitness. And one of those almighty life-enhancing gifts has been, drum roll please, the good ol’ PUSH-UP!

Whether you’re in a state-of-the-art gym, privacy of your own home, hotel room, or lucky enough to be beach bound, you can always sprawl out and perform a series of repetitions of this truly extraordinary exercise, anywhere, anytime (well almost anywhere, anytime cause it prolly wouldn’t go over very well in the middle of a date, business meeting, or dental appointment, but you get the general drift).

Just what makes it such a standout? 

For starters, there’s no equipment needed, except you and your body. All you have to do is stretch out and get busy.

Second, it’s a weight-baring exercise that engages an amazing number of body parts and muscles, from your arms, chest, abs, back, even legs.

Third, you can go at your own speed, and perform the variation most suited to your fitness level and regimen. Beginners can rest on their knees, and do as many reps as they deem comfortable, experimenting with space of hands too, while more advanced enthusiasts (guilty as charged) can plant their feet on the ground, and attempt a greater number of reps, with arms closer set.

Fourth, push-ups performed nonstop, with little time for recovery, will get cardio up as well, thereby also doing good things for the ticker and burning some of that extra fluff that has no place on your soon-to-be-revealed crazy hot summer body!


So get pushing Social Gals and Gents … Onwards and UPwards.

By Jenn Campbell

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