The ultimate topper

The substance know as Chlorophyll, a vivid green pigment, is instrumental to the natural life-creating and sustaining process of photosynthesis (a geeky science sounding statement, but a true one). Research also suggests it’s pretty instrumental in promoting good health and well-being. Which is why I now top off daily juices, usually in the AM, with a nice dose of the glowy green liquid, at least two tablespoons worth.


For your own healthy know-how, behold some benefits from this practise:

1. Powerful antioxidant. Not surprisingly, the superfood is excellent at protecting cells from oxidative damage, via the elimination of free radicals. Thanks Mama Nature.

2. Healing promoter. For over 100 years, the green dream has been touted as a promoter of the healing process, more recently in spray format. What could be bad? 😉

3. Appetite controller. Finally, confession time: On days that I fail to top off the smoothie or juice with the two tablespoons, hunger pangs set in far more rapidly and aggressively.

My imagination? Not according to science! So green up the drinks Social Gals and Gents.


By Jenn Campbell

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