With gear handpicked for Oscar nominee swag, including an MTL surprise

When prepping their now legendary “Everyone Wins” gift bags for top nominees at the Academy Awards, hands-on marketing firm, Distinctive Assets (in no way affiliated way with the OSCARS® or Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), leaves no stones unturned in their search for the globe’s best everything, consistently delivering to already freaked out in a good way nominees, the kind of dream swag mere mortals fantasize about.

This year’s brimming bag of extravagant goodies continued with high-giftage tradition, boasting quite a few insanely covetable items, including some gadgets, gear, and more, sure to take your 2017 get fit and fab resolutions to the next level. Really, why should Streep, Gosling, Stone, and other nominees have all the fun? 😉


Khloe Kardashian famously told interviewers she prefers to sport mascara and gloss to gym workouts. And the reality TV star turned fitness and health guruesse, had a point; Workouts are infinitely more enjoyable when the reflection looking backatcha isn’t a heap of tumbled out of bed messiness. Accordingly, many of “the chosens” in the 2017 dream pack were items designed to up your good looking, in myriad ways:

On the skincare and makeup front: There were, among others (today’s recap is not an exhaustive rollout), a 10-year supply of Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and Moisturizer, Lizora pu-erh tea nourishing skincare, transformational Luminosity Skin Serum from Healing Saint, ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture + Tint, and Woosh Beauty innovative makeup application gift sets.

On the ‘wear and wow’ front: Happiest Tee luxury t-shirts, Jules K unique luxury handbags, Park and Buzz baguette stud earrings, and the swag we can’t help but be so super-excited about, cause it’s the brilliant brain baby of two homegrown entrepreneurs – Natalie and Judi – with a passion for yoga, beautiful jewellery, and the opportunity to give back to the community via a percentage of sales: YOGAJEWELZ OM Diamond Bracelets.

Cheers to you ladies! Well done! Proud we are!!  


Finally, it’s gadget and resource time Social Gals and Gents. To optimize workouts, the Distinctive Asset crew also sourced items like Elvie limited edition pelvic floor exercise tracker (and app), Dandi Patch underarm sweat patches, MOUS fitness bottle, SweetCheeks cellulite massage mats, the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer, and the ultimate motivational machine: personal training sessions with celebrity trainer, Alexis Seletzky.


Finally, the adage “you are what you eat,” was not lost on the savvy gift givers, who made a point of embracing nutrition, with temple-enhancing edibles including MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Crunch Bars, naturally non-browning and non-GMO Project verified Opal Apples, freshly harvested pecans from the National Pecan Shellers Association, Rouge Maple pure organic maple syrup, even Slimware portion-control plates, to ensure portion control.

So there you have em, the workout, health-enhancing fabulousness Oscar nominees will be enjoying this year … and now you can too. Happy next level workouts superstars. 😉 

By Jenn Campbell

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