Call it the dawning of the techno media age, but life in the modern world has gone to a whole other level of all-consuming, particularly on the professional side … though it’s definitely having its way with our precious personal lives, too. There is no longer such a thing as getting back to someone in a few … dare I say it, minutes?! The vibe is “all on, all the time” as the arguably too-smart mobile devices never far from our sides enable (ahem, enforce?) a constant connectivity that, in turn, fuels a demand for immediate responsiveness.

While there is no question that the benefits of our technology are plentiful and extraordinary, the price we pay is often great, with stress levels at record highs, and many complaining of new-world predicaments and afflictions like “digital addiction” and burnout.

What’s a burnt out, stressed out Social Gal or Gent to do? Well, you can definitely blow off some steam at one of the many social events and festivals that our Party City is legendary for. You can also exercise regularly, embrace good doses of me-time, and manage some healthy distance from the mobile bestie.

But you might also rethink where you’re living, because at the end of the day, our surroundings play an incredibly important role in shaping our mindsets and reinvigorating us, especially in such chaotic times. This is why new, more visionary communities and interpretations of contemporary living like those created by Presti Homes and Developments, make so much sense in 2019.

Highly sensitive to the potentially devastating effects of our fast-paced lives (they experience their own on a daily basis!), passionate young owners, Giuliana Maglione-Presti and Paolo Presti, have made it their mission to create luxury living spaces that offer respite from the speed and grind with environments designed specifically for tranquillity and beauty, where nature can enter into the equation to delight the senses and salve the soul. “For us, luxury is peace of mind,” say the couple.

One of their recent endeavours which perfectly embodies this lifestyle philosophy are the Royal Quai residences.

Royal Quai, the stress antidote.

Exquisitely ensconced within the expansive McConnell Woods estate in Dorval, overlooking the peaceful waters of Lake Saint-Louis, the state-of-the-art homes in the rare waterfront escape on the island fuse seamlessly with the magic of the outdoors.

Floor-to-ceiling windows synonymous with enviable tropical climes bring the magnificent outdoors in, the gift that keeps on giving, in the form of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and everything in between. Nature’s Prozac!

In fact, as Presti explains, “for each energy-efficient home outfitted with every imaginable amenity and convenience — certified by both Novoclimat and Netzero initiatives — a major emphasis is always the cultivation of a landscaping experience around the home and private pools that optimizes the soul-regenerating powers of the natural surroundings, while facilitating an organic flow to the house.”

This singular experience of nature is further enhanced by prime access to the lake, with ten of the 31 homes hugging the lakeshore directly — replete with a private dock.

Factor in the close proximity to the yacht club, golf course and tennis courts, a 15-minute drive to downtown, and an ability to customize floor plans to dream specs, and I’d say there’s a new stress antidote in town. It’s called Royal Quai. Thanks, Presti.

For more on the Quai, go to royalquai.ca. 

By Jenn Campbell

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